Certification process

Q.What is the eligibility criteria for Innovation Practitioner Program (IPP) ?

A.We have created a self-assessment questionnaire for you to determine whether IPP is the right program for you or not. Please take the quiz to find out more.Take Quiz

Q.What is the process for obtaining IPP certificate?

A.Please refer Certification Overview for the certification process overview.Please refer Certification Process for detailed certification process description.

Certification examination


Q.When do I appear for the examination?
Candidate has to appear for examination within 60 days of the training program. Examination will be held at scheduled locations. Please refer Calendar for next scheduled location.  
Q.What is the pass/fail threshold of the examination?

Candidates have to score more than 75% in the examination

Q.What will be the duration of the examination and how many questions will be asked?

The examination will be of 3 hours duration and will comprise of 45 objective type questions.

Q.What type of questions will be asked in the examination?

Each question will have scenarios with multiple options to choose from. The questions have been mapped to different levels of proficiency based on Bloom’s Taxonomy.Please refer the Proficiency level to test your current proficiency level.

Q.In how much time will I get to know the examination results?

The results of the examination will be communicated within 15 working days of the date of examination.

Q.What if I fail to clear the examination threshold?
A candidate who fails to score more than 75% in the written examination can appear again whenever the next dates are announced. There is no limit to the number of re-examinations a candidate can appear. Please Contact Us for the additional fees to be paid for each re-examination.
Q.Do I have to first clear the examination to submit the project?

A.You can initiate work on the project in parallel to your preparations for the examination. Candidates have up to 6 months to submit their project from the date of training.

Q.Do I need to buy any books to prepare for the examination?

A.Candidates attending the workshop will be given handbooks with detailed illustrations for each of the topics covered. Additionally there will be practice exercises in the classroom to provide greater confidence in application. Candidates wanting to further expand their knowledge can consider buying books. References are provided in.

Certification Project


Q.Is there a criteria for selecting a certification project?

Projects must meet the criteria outlined below. Please contact your program facilitator for any additional queries.

1.Positively impact at least one stakeholder (someone other than the person submitting the project) through a novel solution.

2.Clearly identify and classify the core issues to be resolved in the given situation

3.Enumerate the known solutions and the limitations of those solutions in resolving the core issues.

4.Resolve at least two (2) contradictions or conflicting demands

5.Demonstrate usage of Resources as per resource selection criteria

6.Move the process or product closer to Ideality

Q.Do I have to demonstrate a working solution or prototype as an end-result of a project?

It is not required for candidates to demonstrate a working solution or prototype.However, the rigor of the systematic process of arriving at the innovative solution has to be demonstrated.

Q.In how much time do I have to submit a project?

Candidates have up to 6 months from the date of training to submit a project. Please do allow for time for your project to get reviewed and for any changes recommended by the trainer. It is recommended to make the initial submission within 3-4 months of the training.

Q.Is there a template that has to be followed for submission of the project

Candidates will be provided with a sample template to use as a guide for the submission of their project. Each candidate has the freedom and is encouraged to create their own submission template as long as they adhere to the project criteria. Additionally candidates will be taken through sample solved case studies in the classroom as a reference of application of systematic innovation process.



Q.What all different payment options are available?

Please Contact Us for the different payment options.We apologize but at this moment, we do not accept payment through American Express cards.

What if I fail to appear in the examination 60 days after the training program?
Candidates who fail to appear for the examination within the 60 days deadline will have to pay additional fees for appearing in the examination. Please Contact Us for the examination fees.
Can I refund my money at any point after I make the payment?

You are allowed a 100% refund up to 15 days before the scheduled training program.No refund is allowed after that.

I am an ASQ member. Can I get discount for that?

Please contact ASQ India team for any discounts as ASQ member.